Robbins|Reed Custom Homes: Eco-Friendly Features for Luxury Homes

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There is no doubt that in 2019, green is in. More and more custom homes are being built with sustainable features, but is it possible to build a home that is eco-friendly and luxurious? Absolutely. Our San Luis Obispo custom home builders are on top of all things trending in custom home design, and are sharing four ways to make a luxury home environmentally friendly, and chic too.

Sustainable Features

When customizing your home, taking the time to understand where your materials come from and making mindful choices is a surefire way to make your space more sustainable. An example of this is when choosing flooring. There are plenty of options that can help you maintain the aesthetic you want, while still being eco-friendly. Stone flooring is a green option that is not only stunning, but also has a much lower impact than rare wood and artificial materials. You can also use recycled wood and materials, which cuts out on wasteful production. To reduce the carbon footprint of today’s construction demands, many contractors are seeking out local resources that are abundant to meet design challenges.

Locally-sourced Details

Although exotic imports like furniture and art can add an alluring feel to your home, they are often wasteful in the resources used to ship internationally. Details that are purchased locally give an authentic regional feel to your home, and give you the opportunity to meet the person who created them. When it comes to adding those special touches to your space, check out the local artists and producers in your area before you order something from far away.

Energy-efficient Appliances

When it comes to scaling down the environmental impact of your home, opting for efficient appliances is a simple way to go green. Some of the biggest energy-wasters in a home are the appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and dryers. Switching to green alternatives is a worthwhile investment not only for the planet, but also for your pocket book. Many of the newest amenities on the market are required to be eco-friendly due to growing regulations, so outfitting your luxury home with sophisticated amenities is easier than ever.

Vegetable Gardens & Orchards

Nothing is more green than gardens, fruit trees, and a farm-to-table lifestyle. Outlining your custom home with trees and plants is not only beautiful and customizable, but also extremely sustainable. Gardening promotes healthy soil, creates microenvironments, and fresh ingredients for your salad. This reduces your carbon footprint by limiting the amount of vegetables you source from far away, and the extra oxygen created can help minimize the carbon footprint you create in your home. Lush backyards are always sexy and sustainable.

At Robbins|Reed Custom Homes, we specialize in creating spaces that fit all your your needs and interests, without compromise. Whether you’re looking to build your own eco-friendly haven, or simply want to add greener touches to your space, know that we’ll tailor every detail to your liking–it’s the only way we know to build a home that is uniquely yours. Get in touch with one of our luxury home builders today.

Robbins|Reed Custom Homes: Luxury Master Suite Inspiration

RobbinsReedCustom Homes

San Luis Obispo custom home builders

For centuries, the owner of a residence has escaped to their master bedroom for luxury and privacy. This was their restful sanctuary, a space where they could soak in their own personal aesthetic without interruption. This is the space not only for relaxation after a long day, but also for daydreaming and important conversations with loved ones.

Today’s master bedroom does not stray far from this theme, and custom homebuilders have taken leisure into the 21st century with modern amenities that turn private bedrooms into luxury lounges. The master bedroom is more than just a place to rest; it is a personally appointed escape built around your own tastes and interests. When building a custom home, consider adding these three classic touches to enhance your master suite.

Canopy Beds

Four-poster and canopied beds create a secret hideaway, and give the room a warm and cozy Victorian feel. While four-poster beds have connecting beams at the top, canopy beds add cascading fabric. These draping fabrics can be thick to hold in heat and to provide privacy, or they can be sheer to add a touch of elegance to the bedframe. Modern canopy beds come in every style ranging from rustic to ornate, and even minimalist.

Chaise Lounges

When you have a master bed to lie on, sitting rooms in bedrooms can seem unnecessary. However, if you have a full house with kids, a place to sit and read is a quiet luxury. Chaise lounges are incredibly comfortable and functional. Their smooth wavelike shape is a satisfying and aesthetically pleasing touch to a spacious room. They can be situated at the end of your bed in place of a bench, or alongside a bright window or bookshelf.

Private Bar

A private bar (or a morning bar) is a sophisticated and useful amenity to any master bedroom. They can range from a single mini fridge and counter space, to a full alcove that contains a fridge, sink, a microwave and coffeemaker. A private bar gives a space an inviting feel, and is ideal for upstairs bedrooms when the kitchen is further away.

Few pleasures in life are as comforting as your own bed. Our bedrooms are host to some of our most intimate pastimes and self-care rituals, and they are worthy of extra thought and investment. They are one of the only spaces in a home where personal aesthetic can outweigh functionality—the master bedroom is your chance to embrace the lavish and create the suite of your dreams. Here at Robbins|Reed, we will support you every step of the way as you embark on building your custom dream home and perfect master bedroom. Learn more about who we are, and get some inspo from the houses we’ve built. Feel free to reach out online or over the phone at 1-805-543-7277.

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Robbins|Reed Custom Homes: 7 Ways Millennials Are Influencing Luxury Home Design

RobbinsReedCustom Homes

Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1999) number over 83 million in the United States and their impact on building a custom home increasingly makes waves. Millennials care deeply about the environment and their homes reflect their values from investing in solar panels to growing their own food. Today the team at Robbins|Reed Custom Homes is sharing seven ways Millennials are influencing custom home design trends.

1. Smart Technology

Integrated smart-technology is here and Millennials are all about it. Wi-Fi-connected technology now includes everything from security and smoke detectors to lighting and heating options and entertainment with smart speakers and TVs. The convenience of smart technology matters to Millennials and that includes plenty of outlets and sleek built-in charging stations.

2. Green Living

Millennial homebuyers want and expect renewable energy resources and sustainable building materials. That’s why more homebuyers are choosing responsible options such as Energy Star appliances, non-toxic paint, and LEED-compliant fixtures in their homes.

3. Minimalist Vibes

Millennials prefer functionality and minimalistic design over clutter. Simply put, they want to keep it simple with homes that don’t require high upkeep costs and a team of people to maintain. In general, that means homes are smaller and designed to be more multi-functional than sprawling suburban meccas of the past. Concern with energy use and cost savings factor in too.

4. Open Floor Plans

This generation does not want to be boxed in and appreciates an open floor plan for more flexible living. Rooms and furniture designed for multi-purposes are popular for this very reason. Open kitchens are popular places to entertain, and Millennials are more interested in luxury kitchen gadgets than previous generations before them.

5. Bold Appliances

Many Millennials enjoy making a statement to reflect their personality, and that extends to home appliances. Whether it’s a cobalt stove, bright vintage refrigerator, or pastel washer and dryer – younger homebuyers are saying no to stainless steel in favor of more colorful home appliances.

6. Clean Tile

If you look on any Millennials’ Pinterest board, Subway tiles are likely to pop up. This trend has dominated the market for some time now, most commonly as a kitchen backsplash and in minimalist bathrooms.

7. Natural Materials and Features

Millennials typically favor a natural color palette, minimalist pieces, and reclaimed wood in their homes. This is a generation that appreciates bringing the outdoors in with plenty of green plants and edible gardens.

Millennials are increasingly influencing custom home design from their demand for sustainable building materials to smart technology integration. Stylish, easy living is all about flexibility, and that’s what modern custom homebuyers are asking for.

Here at Robbins|Reed we understand that there’s a difference between building a place you call home and a place you simply come home to. The key to defining that difference is you. Unlocking it takes a custom homebuilder who understands that compromise is never part of the equation. When you’re ready to make your dream of a custom home a reality, count on us to be there every step of the way. Our friendly team is available at (805) 543-7277.

A Look Back: 2018 in Custom Home Decor Trends

RobbinsReedCustom Homes

Whether you’re ready to design your new home or simply seeking to update a room in your current house, our luxury homebuilders are counting down a list of top custom home design trends from the past year.


From eye-catching tile in the kitchen to stunning entryway flooring, pattern provided an unexpected element of interest to luxurious custom homes across the continent this year. Homeowners are choosing patterns as a creative way to add visual curiosity to a room. Often, patterns (particularly flooring) can be cause for guests to stop in their tracks to take notice.

Colorful Appliances

While stainless steel is still here to stay, more custom homeowners are choosing to incorporate an inviting splash of color into their living space with bright washers, dryers, or stoves.

Spa-inspired Bathrooms

Elevating spacious bathrooms to more spa-inspired retreats was (and is) an in-demand trend for sophisticated custom homes. From luxurious built-in amenities like saunas and heated floors to decorative space for living plants, spa-inspired bathrooms can serve as an oasis away from it all.

Wabi Sabi

Not to be mistaken for wasabi…Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that honors the beauty in imperfection, especially among handcrafted items like pottery. This trend is often found by displaying items on open shelving in the kitchen

Multigenerational Design

More custom homeowners are designing with accommodating extended family in mind. From adding spacious bedrooms with private living areas to adding a second kitchen, custom home design can make it easier to meet diverse needs.

Do your New Year resolutions include a custom home? You’re in the right place. Here at Robbins|Reed Custom Homes, our San Luis Obispo custom homebuilders are here to make your dream home simply your home. Whether your vision is ornate grandeur or elegant simplicity, our expertise and a close working relationship will frame the picture in your mind.

Custom Homes: Consider This Before Building A Beach Home

RobbinsReedCustom Homes

Robbins|Reed Custom Homes have crafted breathtaking custom homes across California’s Central Coast.

Our home team is deeply committed to seeing your vision brought to life, whether you want outdoor living space to entertain, ample storage for paddleboards and kayak, or room to grow a new generation of the family.

If you’re considering building your dream home or vacation property beachside, be sure to keep the following four factors in mind:


While stunning panoramic views are absolutely important, there are other aspects to factor in when it comes to location from wind exposure and flood zones to strict coastal safety requirements. If you’re in the market to invest in seaside property, Robbins|Reed Custom Homes is available to help guide you from the ground up from navigating complex coastal management regulations to local ordinances, HOAs, and the permitting process.


Seaside living can inspire practical touches like an outdoor shower or outdoor kitchen for frequent entertaining. It also means we need to think about building material ideal for withstanding strong winds and saltwater. From glowing fire pits to luxurious spa bathrooms and beyond, we’ll ensure your home is designed for seaside living on your own terms.


Regardless of square footage, we have the expertise to provide flexible, environmentally sound energy options that add up to long-term savings. An energy efficient design has the power to impact the comfort level of your home, and reduce your utility bills. From innovative insulation systems to energy efficient home appliances and more, our expert San Luis Obispo custom home builders will help make your custom home as energy efficient as possible.


Planning decades into the future can provide real peace of mind. Looking ahead, what do you see? Here at Robbins|Reed Custom Homes, your vision is valued. Is caring for aging family members part of your big picture plan? How about kid-friendly space for visiting grandkids? Generational planning can be important to consider when building your ideal beachfront custom home.

There’s a difference between building a place you call home and a place you simply come home to. Contact Robbins|Reed Custom Homes at (805) 543-7277 today.


Convenient Custom Home Features to Consider

RobbinsReedCustom Homes

Custom home in San Luis Obispo

If you’re considering a custom home here in San Luis Obispo, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and features available. The personalized features and special amenities are truly endless. What it comes down to is prioritizing the features that are important to you and will make a positive impact on your daily life. No matter what you decide to dream up, here at Robbins|Reed Custom Homes, we’ll make it happen.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular luxury custom home trends here on California’s Central Coast.

Built-in communications infrastructure

Innovative whole-home cabling and wiring systems are increasingly in demand. This technology not only supports modern entertainment and sound systems, but home office functionality and communications throughout the property.

Increase electrical outlets

Today there are more devices than ever to charge on the daily. Knowing that, it’s a smart idea to pan ahead by adding more electrical outlets throughout your home in convenient or hidden locations.

Focus on natural lighting

Your San Luis Obispo custom home design will benefit from paying thoughtful attention to natural light. Natural light adds an inviting element to any home, making it feel especially spacious and airy. Skylights, windows, and glass doors are only a few of the ways to optimize natural light in your custom home.

Consider extra storage

Even the most streamlined and minimalist homeowners can benefit from the option of extra storage. Make the most of the space you have with modern solutions like under stair storage and built-in shelves, or even secret rooms to increase storage capacity.

Add refrigerator(s)

All too often, one refrigerator is simply not enough, especially if you and your family frequently entertain. Owning a dedicated beverage refrigerator is a simple and effective way to free up more storage in your kitchen.

There’s a difference between building a place you call home and a place you simply come home to. The key to defining that difference is you. Ultimately your vision is what makes your custom home come to life. When you need answers, know that our Central Coast custom home team is available to you every step of the way from planning and design to building and beyond. Contact Robbins|Reed Custom Homes online or by calling 805-543-7277 today.


Robbins|Reed Raises Over $2,700 for Breast Cancer Research


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We’re celebrating the collective efforts of our kick-ass team. That’s right, together Robbins|Reed raised $2,786 for breast cancer awareness and research. It’s an important cause we care deeply about, which is why we’re stoked to have exceeded our fundraising goal by nearly $800. Eight of us participated in the walk itself and had an awesome time doing it. To every client, friend, and community member who contributed to the cause, we thank you.